Many patients deal with discomfort, popping or pain in the area where the jaw connects with the skull. This condition with the temporomandibular joint is often referred to as TMJ, and there is help available. TMJ symptoms can range from mildly irritating to severely painful, but there are ways to deal with the symptoms. From home remedies to dental work, we have a few common treatments that are used to treat TMJ. Our goal is to give every patient information about TMJ so they know where to turn when the condition flares up.

TMJ Home Treatments

As with any condition there are both at-home treatments to use for TMJ, and those that must be approved by a medical doctor. The best results come to those who combine both pieces of treatment to change their lifestyle and get the medical help they need.

Some at home treatments for TMJ include:

  • Never hold your chin in your hand.
  • Work on practicing good posture to relieve facial and neck pain.
  • Take pressure off your jaw by leaving your teeth barely apart whenever you can.
  • Try to avoid jaw movements that are extreme, and minimize ice or gum chewing.
  • Use relaxation techniques to relax the entire body and loosen up the jaw.
  • Use biofeedback or stress reduction therapy, physical therapy, or massage.

These lifestyle changes, combined with medical treatment, can make all the difference in your life.

Medical Treatments for TMJ

Depending on the severity of your condition, doctors may rely on any of the following to treat your TMJ:

  • Night guard or splint to keep the teeth apart and keep the bite in a correct positions. Splints are worn all the time, while night guards are only used at night.
  • Medications that relax the jaw, anti-anxiety medicines or over the counter medication for pain and swelling.
  • Dental work including replacing missing teeth with bridges or crowns. Braces are also used to correct bite problem or balance the teeth’s surface.

Talk to your dentist or doctor about what treatments will work best for your situation, as every patient is unique.

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